Youth—Do you offer resources for teens or youth groups?


Yes! Free to Be Me is a book by Stasi Eldredge specifically written for teen girls and Killing Lions by John and Sam Eldredge is aimed at men aged 18-30, but a mature high school aged boy would also find it helpful.

While most of John's and Stasi's resources were written with the "mature audience" in mind, we've heard countless stories of it being used in youth groups and with teenagers successfully. You are free to change and adapt the material as you see fit to bring it to the younger community. Our recommendation would be for you to go through the study first, asking God and picking out the content that would be appropriate.

We’ve received positive feedback on using the Epic Study with teens, which is an exciting new way to hear the story God is telling us through the Gospel.

A question occasionally asked is, “Can we attend your events as Father/Son or Mother/Daughter?” Our practice and reply is: ... Due to the nature and depth of the content and experience, our retreats are not designed for youth. You must have completed high school or be at least eighteen years of age to enter the lottery.

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